One way trip Car Sharing.

A new and easy way to get around the city with eco-friendly cars.

How it works

Create your membership

Look for our Bonzer vehicles

  • - Open our user-friendly app
  • - Look for a car available in the vast choices
  • - Pick it up

Enjoy your ride while getting to your destination safely

  • - We are Bonzer
  • - We deliver effective services
  • - We drive at our own pace
  • - We live the moment

Park and plug the car at station

  • - Look at the spot you reserved
  • - Park your car
  • - Plug the charger

Come and Bonzer it

Even with a good transportation system, there are a lot of blind spots that are not easy to get to by public transportation, bicycling, or it would be expensive by taxi. We are ready to take you there, and in time!

  • Help your community by going green
  • Optimize your time and don't waste time looking for parking
  • Go smooth without needing to face the tough winter/snow
  • Go safe and at your own pace
  • Save time/ save money
  • A convenient complement to your subway or bike ride

Free Annual Membership

Beta program

Standard Plan

$0.41 per minute

  • Free Membership
  • No minimum usage fee
  • No ride limit usage
  • Pay per minute
  • Cost saving
  • Valid for the pilot project
Please help us to identify the best route for you by specifying the starting point and your place of drop.

One-way trip for medium distances

Time saver

Get there faster with a better alternative
You don’t have to queue or wait

Cost efficient

Cheaper than many other ways of transportation
Pocket friendly and easy mode of payment

Parking friendly

Don't need to look and pay for parking, we have it covered

No stress

Just pick n'go
No waiting

Complement transportation

Reach your destination where public transportation can't reach
Navigate through the nooks and crannies

Eco friendly

100% electric cars
Safe for your environment

Contribute to your environment by going Bonzer!

  • For each car sharing in the street, you help reduce significantly car onwership thereby reducing air- pollution.
  • 100% electric - Zero carbon emission
  • No headache to look for parking
  • Get there faster and safer

Cool and easy as it sounds

Reserve your car

Reserve your car through our user-friendly app

Reserve parking station

Just save your spot at your destination

Battery autonomy

Don't get bother to fill your gas

Go smooth

No need to go through the harsh winter

Share your ride

Transportation with your companion is better and more enjoyable.

Easy payment

Automatically deduct form your account. Cashless mode of payment

Convenient for everyone

Don't waste time looking for parking space
We know it could take time by bus or subway - Don't worry, just go Bonzer we are there for you.
Why buy a second car if you need an additional car for one time event. Just Bonzer it.